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If you're thinking about visiting Christwalk, here is a preview of who we are, what we do and what to expect!
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LifeGroups are about doing life together. Here you'll find more info on how you can get involved in CW LifeGroups.
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Feel free to worship with us from the comfort of you own home. Watch our recorded services right here.
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WELCOME to Christwalk


Because of our desire to “go” and to “make disciples”, the focus of the CHRISTWALK fellowship is different from the more traditional church. By going into the community, and developing relationships with those we serve, we have the opportunity to share the awesome life we’ve found in Jesus.

our main principles

Personal spiritual
growth in individuals
at Christwalk
Personal growth and the forming of strong friendships happen best in small group settings. Because of this fact, participation in Small Groups at Christwalk is highly encouraged.
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valuable tools
for following
after Godliness.
Mission trips to areas outside our own community are available each year, as well. The people we serve are blessed and the people who “go” are blessed even more.
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